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Satan's Angel Perfume by Opus Oils

"Queen of the Fire Tassels"
Olfactive Group: Floral Chypre

For a limited time only, Opus Oils is offering a few special editions of "Satan's Angel, Queen of the Fire Tassels."  Get it quick before it sells out!!! 

Strong and wild like the Lady who inspired it, this sultry, narcotic floral bomb explodes with the intensity of a super nova.  An addictive fruity floral bouquet that finishes with a velvet Chypre dry-down reminiscent of glamorous days gone by...  Just a Spritz is all it takes to awaken your inner Burlesque Queen! 

Key Notes of Black Gardenia, Ginger Lily, Jasmine, White Grapefruit, Lychee, Oakmoss and Labdanum.  
Officially released at the 2007 Tease-O-Rama Burlesque Convention

Opus Oils is offering a few Special Editions of 
"Satan's Angel, Queen of the Fire Tassels."

Get it quick before they sell out!!!

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