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Kedra Hart

Kedra Hart is a multiple award winning, and FiFi® nominated Master Perfumer.  She is also a co-creator of OPUS OILS' Jitterbug Perfume Parlour, an Artisan Perfume Atelier in Hollywood CA. 

With extensive product knowledge and a strong background in luxury product development, 
Kedra designs custom fragrances for individuals and businesses, hosts "scent events" and "custom blending parties," and teaches perfumery in Los Angeles, CA. 

Kedra has over
25 years of experience in the fragrance and beauty industries and was one of
the original developers of The Apothecary at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.  Her sensuous creations are enjoyed by Businesses and Celebrities. 

Here's what Businesses, Organizations, and
Students have to say about Kedra Hart
and her Artisan Perfume School.

Kedra Hart at the Braille Institute

"Dear Ms. Kedra Hart, Let me express our students' and Braille’s heartfelt thanks for your very informative and enjoyable workshop here at Braille Institute.  We hope you’ll consider coming back and visiting us in the future so that we may take advantage of your expertise in the field of your activity! Your workshop was really interesting and involving; more than one student expressed to me as well as to other members of the staff their congratulations for your exemplary way of leading the activities!" Manuele Mariani - Independent Living Skills Instructor, Los Angeles Braille Institute

"Learning with Kedra of Opus Oils is a very fulfilling experience.  She is a warm and giving instructor, with a vast knowledge of both natural essences and aroma chemicals; expanding one's palate and possibilities.  I will forever cherish the time I had as a student at Jitterbug Studios."  Anu - Anu Essentials Brooklyn, New York 11217

"I Loved my experience.  I was taking online fragrance classes and felt it was time to get hands on.  I looked up Opus Oils and it was highly recommended through a friend in NYC.  Took a trip to LA when I got to the parlour it was so pretty in there.  I met Kedra, she was exactly what I expected a very spiritual eccentric person.  I loved my class with her she taught me how to see fragrance, how to describe scents, when I made my first scent I knew how to describe what I created.  She taught me how to have passion for fragrance making.  I have made 3 signature scents since then and all are very different.  I sell them at my salon in west palm beach and my clients love them, I am able to tell the story of my creation.  Kedra is a great teacher, and gave me plenty of resources where I can get my scents and even packaging.  It is an artistic way of learning and unless you're an artist yourself you will never understand."  Ivette G.  -  PrettySuite Inc. 

Tiger Powers at Tiger Meat

"I have studied perfume under Kedra Hart for years and my very 1st fragrance won a bunch of awards and made me a ton of $$$$$$$$.  She is literally the best teacher and you can take that to the Bank.  Thank You, Kedra!!!!"  Tiger Powers - Fetish Model, TIGER MEAT

Gina S.  -  "I had been wanting to know more about perfumery and how perfumes were made for years, but didn't know where to begin....   A friend recommended the classes at Opus Oils and I am so glad she did!!!  I have since taken several classes from Kedra and I cant say enough positive things about my experience!  Kedra is a wonderful and patient teacher who truly loves her art and her enthusiasm is infectious."  

Mark G.  -  "My wife and I took a class together and we loved it!!!  It was fascinating to learn about the raw materials and to be able to experiment with them under the friendly guidance of Master Perfumer, Kedra Hart."  

Sandy K.  -  "I was intimidated at first about taking a perfume class, as I am not so good at math and I have a short attention span in class settings.  But Kedra's perfume class was so much fun that the time flew by!  Kedra is very inspirational as a teacher and I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to learn about the Art of Perfumery." 

Linda M.  -  Manhattan Beach, CA  -  "I have been taking classes with Kedra Hart for over a year now.  Kedra is an A+ teacher and alchemist whose teaching style and fragrances are second to none.  I highly recommend studying with Kedra and experimenting with her intoxicating scents.  Enjoy!"  

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