Olfactive Group: Oriental Floral

Jasmine Junkies Rejoice!!!  Our Boutique's Signature Scent is a luscious blend of Jasmine, Jasmine, and more Jasmine!  A soft floral bouquet, delicate, slightly powdery with a touch
of honeysuckle floating above a generous dose of four gorgeous Jasmine Absolutes. Reminiscent of a vintage French Perfume, this is a classic scent perfect for any occasion.

Key Notes of this luscious fragrance includes four different kinds of Jasmine!  Also with Sweet Honeysuckle, Sparkling Lemon Essence, Luscious Orange Blossom, "Beach Found" Ambergris, Blond Tobacco and Sultry Sandalwood. Oh, and did we mention Jasmine. 

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