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Lil' Nico Perfume by Opus Oils

Olfactive Group: Floral

Not for the shy at heart!  “Lil’ Nico” is a Sultry and Intoxicating scent.  This Luscious, Voluptuously Velvet Floral is simply put, “The Bee’s Knees!”  A full bodied narcotic, creamy, floral bomb that is sweet and carnal from the get go.  Get ready to cause a ruckus, a scene, a stir or commotion wherever you go!  

Key Notes of Creamy Tuberose Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Honey, Narcissus, Rose, Civet and Benzoin. 

Party Well Together:
(Suggested Scent Combinations)

(Giggle Water + High Hat)                (Jazz + High Hat)               (Jazz + High Hat + Bootleg)


(Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                (Flapper + Bootleg)               (Flapper + Heavy Sugar)

(Dapper + Heavy Sugar)                  (Lil’ Nico + Heavy Sugar)                   (Lil’ Nico + Bootleg)


(Speak Easy + Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                              (Dapper + High Hat + Bootleg)

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