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Les Bohemes Sample Pack (10)
SPEAKEASY (Wisteria) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral 

LIL' NICO (Tuberose) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral 

JAZZ (Jasmine) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral 

HIGH HAT (Green Tea) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Aromatic Green 

HEAVY SUGAR (Amber) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Amber/Oriental 

GOLD DIGGER (Narcissus) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral 

GIGGLE WATER (Orange Blossom) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Fruity Floral ​

FLAPPER (Datura) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral 

DAPPER (Violet) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Floral Green 

BOOTLEG (Vetivert) Sample (0.5ml - 1ml) Olfactive Group: Woody Chypre

Les Bohemes Sample Pack (10)

  • FLAPPER (Datura) 
    Olfactive Group: Floral 
    Captivating, Creamy, Floral Decadence! “Flapper” is a strangely alluring, blooming floral fragrance that starts off with an airy exotic narcotic green note and hint of spicy ginger that is soon taken over by wafting plumes of intoxicating sweetness…. Deadly Datura, AKA “Angels Trumpet,” is a fragrant Diva that fascinated Zelda Fitzgerald at the end of her life... With its both mesmerizing and hypnotizing fragrance, Datura has been known to produce states of delirium. It was well known to be an essential ingredient in love potions and witches' brews... ​
    Key Notes of Sweet Lemon Blossom, Clementine, Tangerine, Pink Peppercorn, Perilla Leaf, Mango Absolute, Ginger Lily, Datura, Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla, White Musk, Blond Tobacco and Tonka Bean. 

    GIGGLE WATER (Orange Blossom) 
    Olfactive Group: Fruity Floral ​
    A Sheer Delight! This abundant, enchanting floral “aperitif” is sure to lift your spirits and brighten any day or night! Playful Orange Blossoms are perfectly enhanced by sweet White Musk, with a creamy Sandalwood dry down. Giggle Water is a “Crowd Pleaser,” no doubt! 
    Key Notes of Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute, Egyptian Orange Flower Absolute, Orange Flower Water Absolute, Bitter Orange Flower Absolute, Wild Orange, Mandarin, Peach, Honey, Gardenia, Beach Found Ambergris, White Musk and Sandalwood. 

    DAPPER (Violet) 
    Olfactive Group: Floral Green 
    Dapper explores the theme of the Violet Berry note. Elegant and non-intrusive, this is a soft, velvety violet flower that is lightly powdered and sophisticated. A rich, elegant scent that is deep and alluring - a timeless classic. ​
    Key Notes of Violet absolute, Orris Root, Blond Tobacco, Sandalwood and Aged Dark Patchouli.

    SPEAKEASY (Wisteria)
    Olfactive Group: Floral
    Sweet and Delicious, Narcotic and Enchanting. Wisteria was one of the most popular flowers in the Belle Époque period. Our “Speakeasy” scent is a reproduction that is true to the flower and is romantic, delightful, ethereal and completely intoxicating!
    Key Notes of Citrus, Green Pepper, Green Mandarin, Jasmine Sambac, Lily, Orchid, Rose and Sandalwood. 

    LIL' NICO (Tuberose)
    Olfactive Group: Floral
    Not for the shy at heart! “Lil’ Nico” is a Sultry and Intoxicating scent. This Luscious, Voluptuously Velvet Floral is simply put, “The Bee’s Knees!” A full bodied narcotic, creamy, floral bomb that is sweet and carnal from the get go. Get ready to cause a ruckus, a scene, a stir or commotion wherever you go! ​
    Key Notes of Creamy Tuberose Absolute, Orange Flower Absolute, Honey, Narcissus, Rose, Civet and Benzoin. 

    JAZZ (Jasmine)
    Olfactive Group: Floral
    In the Roaring 20’s, the term “Jazz” meant “Excitement and Fun.” Our “Jazz” Perfume is all that and more! A bubbly full bodied night blooming tropical Jasmine – “Jazz” is a unisex floral scent that is sexy, sassy and fun! A sneaky little Minx of a scent that is sure to delight your senses and tickle your fancy any time!
    ​Key Notes of Red Mandarin, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute, Moroccan Jasmine Absolute, Star Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Nutmeg and Sandalwood. 

    HIGH HAT (Green Tea)
    Olfactive Group: Aromatic Green
    A fresh clean Green scent that is crisp, sophisticated and delightfully refreshing! “High Hat” opens with a clean fresh citrus blast, tempered with a soft, powdery green tea note that is delicious, delicate and discreet. “High Hat” mixes especially well with floral notes and is suitable for both men and women. ​
    Key Notes of Citrus, Green Tea, Gin, Lily and Rose. 

    HEAVY SUGAR (Amber)
    Olfactive Group: Amber/Oriental
    A classic Vintage Amber scent that is deeply rich and completely irresistible! Our “Heavy Sugar” is composed with the exotic timeless aromas of dark Amber, vintage Patchouli and creamy Sandalwood. “Heavy Sugar” is the perfect blender note that can be worn with all “Les Bohemes” scents to create an exotic base that will linger on… Amber has been long known as “The King of Scents,” one whiff of our “Heavy Sugar” and you will see why! ​
    Key Notes of Dark Amber, Aged Labdanum, Fossilized Amber, Vintage Patchouli, Sandalwood and Beach Found Ambergris. 

    GOLD DIGGER (Narcissus)
    Olfactive Group: Floral
    Pure voluptuous floral decadence. “Gold Digger” is a heady, lavish blend of creamy white floral notes. There's something very retro about this scent. Ladylike and Glamorous, with a bit of a sparkle. An intoxicating mix of Narcissus and Orange Blossom that explodes, then subsides into a hauntingly delicate blanket of voluptuous femininity. This fragrance is very luxurious and sophisticated, but still equally appropriate for day or evening wear. ​
    Key Notes of Narcissus Absolute, Honey, Orange Blossom Absolute, Egyptian Jasmine, Wild Orange, Tuberose, Lily and Sandalwood.

    BOOTLEG (Vetivert)
    Olfactive Group: Woody Chypre
    Rich, Earthy, Exotic and Deliciously Dark! “Bootleg” opens with a smokey Vetiver note that is pure earthly intoxication… A mysteriously seductive scent that is deep, rich and slightly animalic. Wear with florals to add a sexy deep base note that is both delicious and persistent. ​
    Key Notes of Sri Lankan Vetiver, Aged Dark Patchouli, Amber, Blond Tobacco and Roasted Coffee Bean.

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