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High Hat Perfume by Opus Oils

(Green Tea)
Olfactive Group: Aromatic Green

A fresh clean Green scent that is crisp, sophisticated and delightfully refreshing! “High Hat” opens with a clean fresh citrus blast, tempered with a soft, powdery green tea note that is delicious, delicate and discreet. “High Hat” mixes especially well with floral notes and is suitable for both men and women.  

Key Notes of Citrus, Green Tea, Gin, Lily and Rose. 

Party Well Together:
(Suggested Scent Combinations)

(Giggle Water + High Hat)                (Jazz + High Hat)               (Jazz + High Hat + Bootleg)


(Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                (Flapper + Bootleg)               (Flapper + Heavy Sugar)

(Dapper + Heavy Sugar)                  (Lil’ Nico + Heavy Sugar)                   (Lil’ Nico + Bootleg)


(Speak Easy + Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                              (Dapper + High Hat + Bootleg)

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