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Flapper Perfume by Opus Oils

Olfactive Group: Floral

Captivating, Creamy, Floral Decadence!  “Flapper” is a strangely alluring, blooming floral fragrance that starts off with an airy exotic narcotic green note and hint of spicy ginger that is soon taken over by wafting plumes of intoxicating sweetness….  Deadly Datura, AKA “Angels Trumpet,” is a fragrant Diva that fascinated Zelda Fitzgerald at the end of her life...  With its both mesmerizing and hypnotizing fragrance, Datura has been known to produce states of delirium.  It was well known to be an essential ingredient in love potions and witches' brews...  

Key Notes of Sweet Lemon Blossom, Clementine, Tangerine, Pink Peppercorn, Perilla Leaf, Mango Absolute, Ginger Lily, Datura, Gardenia, Jasmine, Vanilla, White Musk, Blond Tobacco and Tonka Bean. 

Party Well Together:
(Suggested Scent Combinations)

(Giggle Water + High Hat)                (Jazz + High Hat)               (Jazz + High Hat + Bootleg)


(Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                (Flapper + Bootleg)               (Flapper + Heavy Sugar)

(Dapper + Heavy Sugar)                  (Lil’ Nico + Heavy Sugar)                   (Lil’ Nico + Bootleg)


(Speak Easy + Gold Digger + Heavy Sugar)                              (Dapper + High Hat + Bootleg)

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