Eau Pear Tingle Perfume by Opus Oils

Olfactive Group: Fruity Floral Aromatic

Stimulate your senses with "Eau Pear Tingle"
The Perfume You Can Feel!!!

"Eau Pear Tingle" is an olfactory breakthrough that was designed to be a multi-sensory experience for those that suffer with Anosmia (the inability to perceive odors).  It is also a delightfully fresh and stimulating fragrance that is savored by connoisseurs of fine artisan aromatics. 

“Eau Pear Tingle” made its official debut at the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Fall Luncheon, where it was unveiled to industry insiders and billed as "the future of perfumery" by keynote speaker, Michelle Krell Kydd, award-winning writer for Perfumer and Flavorist Magazine and Glass Petal Smoke.  Since it's debut, Eau Pear Tingle has won several 2011 Best Fragrance Awards and was an Official 2012 FiFi® Indie Award Nominee. 

Eau Pear Tingle has intrigued the senses of none other than 
Dr. Leslie Vosshall, a renown neurogenetics researcher/professor who directs The Vosshall Lab at The Rockefeller University.  Dr. Vosshall's work focuses on olfaction, specifically on how odor stimuli are processed and perceived.  Her enthusiastic response was reported on Glass Petal Smoke, “…Eau Pear Tingle is a heady mix of a gazillion things—pear/pineapple/coconut predominate at the start.  On the waning side it starts to really smell elegant in a way that I am unable to articulate.  I wish I could experience it from the point of view of an anosmic to see how they feel about it.  Fascinating.” 

Key Notes Include: Pear, Lime Blossom, Spearmint, Jasmine, White Musk, Pine and Sandalwood. Available in Alcohol or Fractionated Coconut Oil.