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Star Fucker Perfume by Opus Oils


*Not 100% Natural*
Olfactive Group: Aromatic Aquatic

“Star Fucker,” the Official Fragrance of Tiger Powers, is a fresh blast of ripe Mediterranean Island Citruses mixed with soft aquatic undertones, enriched with woody accords and a sensuous Amber dry down.  This, unisexy masculine, aromatic-aquatic fragrance is guaranteed to make a splash! Fresh and uplifting, “STAR FUCKER” is pure aromatic pleasure!  A Classic Cologne with a modern twist! 

Key Notes Include: Lime, Green Mandarin, Lemon Essence, Italian Bergamot, Wild Orange, Orange flower Water Absolute, Lavender Seville, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Iso-E Super, Amber, Vetiver, Black Agar, and Oakmoss.  Available in both alcohol and oil bases. 

The shocking name and picture isn’t just designed to piss off your parents and keep old fogies at bay.   It’s also a loving tribute to all who are famous and to the fans that adore them.  Another special treat is that Tiger Powers’ actual DNA (Blood, Sweat and Tears) is riddled within this fragrance.  A thousand years from now they’ll be able to clone an army of Tiger Powers from a near empty bottle found in the barren desert now known as Hollywood CA, USA.  Why invest in Gold when you can invest in TIGER MEAT.  Pound for pound it’s the best bargain and you won’t blow your entire Wad. 

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