Hollywood Whiskey Perfume by Opus Oils

Olfactive Group: Woody/Oriental

(New Formula and New Name!!!)

"Hollywood Whiskey" - Inspired by Rock 'n Roll, the Blues, and Perfume.  With the subtleties of an expensive sipping whiskey but with so much character as to amaze the wearer with it’s shape-shifting charm.  "Hollywood Whiskey" is in line with what connoisseurs of fine fragrance and whiskey lovers alike will savor as the wearer explores the complexities of this elegant and breathtaking experience.  

Top Notes - Whiskey, Saffron Attar, Rice Paddy Herb, White Cognac and Geosmin.  Middle Notes - Pyralone, Honey, Rose, Violet and Chocolate.  Base Notes - Dark Amber, Vanilla, Tobacco, Musk, Moss and Woods. 

Ultra smooth and lingering, "Hollywood Whiskey" is a rich and sultry skin scent that smolders like a fiery sunset.  It then develops and blooms over time as it mixes with and enhances your own personal magic… Drop dead “Unisexy,” this whiskey-woody-amber scent will wrap you in its narcotic honey embrace for hours. 

In whiskey drinkers' language, it's more like a sipping whiskey than a hard gulping whiskey or a beer and chaser whiskey.  It’s a deeply satisfying scent that is “lust at first sniff!”