Artisan Perfumer Deluxe Essence Kit

Artisan Perfumer Deluxe Essence Kit


This kit contains a broad selection of perfumery notes useful for all budding perfumers.  *WARNING* These essences include "Undiluted" Aroma Chemicals and Essential Oils and are "Not" suitable for direct skin application.  

Kit Includes: 
24 (3.69 ml /.12 oz) bottles. 

Top/Head Notes - Bergamot Essential Oil, Wild Orange Essential Oil, Linalool (Aroma Chemical), Galbanum Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Aldehyde C-
12 (lauric, sweet soapy green floral), Lime Oxide (fresh, floral, citrus), Lavender Essential Oil 

Middle/Heart Notes - Jasmine Absolute, Lavender Absolute, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, PEA (Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol), Benzyl Acetate (sweet, floral, powerful), Lyral (floral green, used for roundness), Rose Absolute, Nutmeg Absolute 

Base Notes - Patchouli Essential Oil, Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil, Labdanum Absolute, Frankincense Absolute, Hydroxycitronellal (Muguet), Galaxolide (Clean Floral Musk), Ebanol (Sandalwood), Vera Moss (Oakmoss

Opus Oils Artisan Perfume School
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