Afraid of the Dark Perfume Collection by Opus Oils

Are you “Afraid of the Dark?”  Well, you should be!  Considered the Four Horsemen of Perfume, this Monster Mash will really send chills up your spine.  Let us take you on a journey through your darkest fears with this most elegantly terrifying collection by Opus Oils….  Officially launched at "Vampire-Con," 
the world’s
1st convention devoted exclusively to Vam-Pop Culture.

Lady Death Perfume by Opus Oils
Charlie No. 5 Perfume by Opus Oils
Ode de Vampyre Perfume by Opus Oils
Vamp Perfume by Opus Oils

Watch Our Horror Segment, "M is for Masticate,"
in the Hit Film "ABC's of Death

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Watch the Retro Go-Go Dancing, Filmed by Tiger Powers, in Robert Boocheck's Short Film, "HORRIFIC" (Soon to be a Full Length Feature).

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