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La Fee Verte  "The Green Fairy"
*Made with real Wormwood*

Absinthe Perfume Collection by Opus Oils

Dare to dance with LA FEE VERTE ("The Green Fairy").  Anoint yourself with these mystical and intoxicating blends that have key notes of Wisteria, Vanilla Sugar, actual Absinthe (Wormwood), and "Pour Homme" (For Him) a touch of Sandalwood with a dash of Fig.  Upon entering her wild bohemian world, you will see for yourself that this fairy's spell lies in a sense of lucidity.  BEWARE: These dreamy scents are transporting, luminescent, and highly addictive… 

Absinthia Perfume by Opus Oils
Absintheo Perfume by Opus Oils
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